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Mega Slow Broadband

Please can you tell me why my broadband is so slow.

I am paying for 200 mb broadband but the service is falling well short.  I understand that evenings

and weekends are busier, especially when everyone at home is on the internet.

But even during a weekday when nobody else is using it and the hub was right next to

the laptop the speed was only 141mb.  I really am fed up with virgin.  We are constantly having

to turn the hub off and wait for it. 

Please can you help.

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Re: Mega Slow Broadband

I wouldn't call 141Mb slow.  Speeds vary all the time.  It also depends also on how you're connecting (wired or wireless).  Remember the quoted speed is up to 200Mb and this can't always be guaranteed.  If you're connected via cat5 (wired/ethernet) 141mb is a good speed, and length doesn't make any difference.  Why are you turning your router on and off?  Repeatedly powering it up/down just causes you more angst, so why do it?Smiley Indifferent  If there's something wrong with it more information is needed to work out what's wrong with it.


You could also check your service status

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