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Lucky to get 4mbps on the not so super fibre 50 area 31

What a waste of time and money virginmedia is. Changed from EE recently as thought the Fibre must be quicker than the standard net EE offer, turns out i was wrong. EE wasn't quick but it was at least consistent 24/7.Virgin is lovely and fast during the day in the week when your at work, ridiculously slow any other time when you actually use the internet.

Rang the technical department who were bloody useless. As i couldn't connect a device via the ethernet cable they couldn't help as they kept saying its probably the wireless connection. Which is rubbish as the wireless is great during the day and always gets full bars.

I left virgin years ago because of the terrible overall service. I should have known better to think they may have actually improved in the last 5 years! Luckily im still within my 14 day cancellation period. What an absolute shambles of a company.


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Re: Lucky to get 4mbps on the not so super fibre 50 area 31

Hi there simms2004,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to read you are experiencing slow broadband speeds during the evenings.


I've taken a look at your connection, the line and hub have come back as fine. 


I appreciate you are unable to test via wired, however this will give more accurate results. Are more devices in use during the evenings? You can try changing the wireless channel to see if that will improve the connection.


Hope to hear from you soon


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