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Low speed

I recently connected virgin asking for a better deal as i was paying 46 a month for 100 mg and getting at its best 40mg, they upgraded me to 200mg for 45 and had to start another 12month contract. Problem been im still only get 40mg at its best. Im not happy with the service and im not happy been in a contract for another 12 months with terrible internet speed... if some one is watching a video on a mobile phone it pretty much stops the internet all together!
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Re: Low speed

hiya @Jades87 would need to check on signal levels if can goto clicking router status top right [no need to login]and if could copy/paste the downstream, upstream, network log.. how are you testing the connection wired/wireless?, if its wireless can you test it wired
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Re: Low speed

Hello Jades87,

Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the Community Forum Smiley Very Happy

Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your connection. I've just tested your equipment and everything looks good to go. Have you been testing your wireless or hard-wired connection? Ideally we would like to see speed test results from a hard-wired test.

Hope to hear back from you soon,

Take care.


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