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Low speed, paying for 50mb, get under 1mb

Since September the same problem, Almost always 1mbs, sometimes I have better luck and I get 10mb, or when everyone sleeps 30mbs. If I can connect to Virgin, they says to me that there are no problems, it works perfectly or try it later, they will check it for me.... ha, ha…

From time to time they call you, I believe from India: "If I want, they can offer me upgrading" ... Special offers call them. Not only they do not give me my 50mbs, they also charge me even if they do not fulfill the 50mbs contract.

By October they would solve the problem and will give me 70mbs for free, then December, then January, then February. (To raise the prices they have no problem). How much more misery we must suffer? We are in April and the lies keep going.Where is the truth ?.Will Virgin keep the promises?

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Re: Low speed, paying for 50mb, get under 1mb

Virgin dont make promises, only estimates that they have no intention of sticking to.

 oh and forgot to add....

Welcome to the high utilisation club, a member of the forum team will apologise in 7 days or so and supply you with a fault code you cannot look up and a review date that means nothing as its not a repair date.

In the meantime feel free to troll the forums on your superfast broadband as its about the only page that loads in peek time and call India on 150 with the fault code the forum team provide to get a MASSIVE £3 diminished service refund for the month.

If you are not willing to put up with the lies and quite possibly YEARS of rubbish internet there are other providers available (once you start having issues you forever will!!!)

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