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Low speed 24/7 considering leaving

I am virgin media customer nearly for 11 years never had issues like this.And now from nowhere i been told by so called "support" my internet speed is so slow because line have over utilisation and they have to put new cables,because is a lot new customers bla bla bla so on....I don't understand why old customers have to suffer??

Most annoying thing is what so called "support" one day they telling you issue will be fixed next week,next day they telling me it will be fixed end of December! it just ridicules!!!

How they even can charge me for internet speed like this Smiley Very Happy i supposed to have up to 150mb download speed Smiley Very Happy.People 1990 had better speed Smiley Very Happy


Unfortunately i have to start looking for different internet supplier because virgin media it's just a joke!

I can't even get simple answer from support when issue with line will be fixed.

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Re: Low speed 24/7 considering leaving

Really very sorry to hear about the connection issue experienced deividuska,


We really do value your custom and our Networks team are looking to resolve this fault ASAP.


The cause of this problem relates to a high demand for our service in your area, which would indeed cause slow speeds.


The fault ticket reference for this is F004366048 with a review date set for 21/12/16. This is purely set as a period for review, therefore, the fault could be resolved before or after this date.


I am sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.


I have flagged the fault over to another team to monitor in conjunction with your account.


Please let me know if there is anything more that I can assist with.


Take care,




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