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Low broadband speed for the last 20 days.


Trying to resolve an issue about my broadband.
Area ref: 20
Postcode: SO31

I'm on the 150mbit package. For the last 20 days or so (according to my SamKnows Black Box) the speed has been around the 40mbit/s range. has been giving me very similar results over the last week.
For the last month the speed has dropped below the 100mbit/s mark.

SamKnows DataSamKnows Data

 Today alone I have been on the the online chat 2 times (had to wait an hour the first time and 30 minutes the second time to even get on the chat). The online chat people couldn't do much as apparently having the superub in modem mode means they can't properly do diagnostics. So I disconnected most of my network, put it in normal mode and I phoned them up just now. Got through to India....

I was fobbed of by the person on the phone. They did the usual stuff. (Power off the super hub, I'm sending some signals to the router. power it back on etc), do a speed test (still 40mbits). I'll check the connection - there doesn't seem to be a problem there. I need to check the compatibility of the computer your connecting to. Can I confirm it is connected by a wire. What is the speed of the network adaptor (1Gbps).
They even suggested remote controlling my computer to try and find out what the problem is.... Utterly ridiculous.

In the end they said that apparently there were people working on the network in my area so that might be why it is slow - completely ignoring the fact I told them the speed has been slow for the last 20 days or so... 

I said I should call back tomorrow. They refused to transfer me over to the accounts people as I would like some form of remuneration. The account holder (my mum) is paying £46.47 a month for Broadband and Telephone. I don't even have anything plugged into the land line. But everything is cheaper with phone.
The speed I am getting has been consistently less than a 1/3 of what it should be.

This is borderline unacceptable. Especially when VM had the audacity to increase the price of the package.


Kind Regards

My Internet is worse than it was in 2013.

My Broadband Speed

I am pleased to announce I will be switching from VM.

I am not a VM employee. My IT knowledge is pretty good though.
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