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Looking for a new ISP due to Virgin being awful, any recommendations? Sheffield S5 area.

After being let down by the morons at Virgin too many times I have now decided to move to a different ISP. I've just waited 5 weeks for my internet to be fixed after having a "service fault" (which I'm fairly sure doesn't even exist). I was guaranteed by various phone and live chat support people that the issue would be fixed and my internet would be working correctly - however, the date has now been pushed to mid-march. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for a better ISP? Latency is my biggest factor - my pings on Virgin have always been fairly awful (70ms to servers where others from the same area seem to get around 20-30), download speed comes second. 

I'm in the S5 area of Sheffield if that helps at all.

Thanks! (but not to Virgin)