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Lewisham area 21

Does anyone know what is going on with the long promised upgrade work at the Belmont Exchange SE13 5AU? Originally, this was supposed to involve 'alteration to the fabric of the building,' additional equipment including air conditioning and various other unspecified 'works' but that was 2012!

What ever happened to the 're-seg' work that was supposed to resolve the issues of 'high utilisation'?
How many lines are there coming out of Belmont?
Are they all suffering from the same problem of 'high utilisation'?
How do I find out which line I am on and how many other unfortunates I am sharing bandwidth with?
Is there a believable date for the upgrade work to be completed? (Every three months it seems to move three months further into the future.)

If anyone knows anything of what is going on, please post with my thanks in advance.

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Forum Team
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Re: Lewisham area 21

Hi there Tisiphone,


I would require a fault reference number to investigate this particular issue further for you without checking your account.


I am also unable to locate your account information at present.


I have contacted you previously requesting response so that I can look into this for you.


I've sent another message over to you.


Please respond if you'd like for me to provide an update on this issue.



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