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Less than 10% of advertised speed is acceptable to VM

Over utilisation in Southampton is ongoing - 

4 months of less than 6Mb on a 70Mb line - down to 1 or 2Mb on occasions. Unable to watch any streaming service in the evenings.  I am waiting on the 24th January for the 3rd supposed fix/review date.

I called 150 today to try and raise a complaint, again, but apparently this is perfectly acceptable to Virgin as they do not consider it a fault as I can get the full 70Mb when no one is using it in the middle of the day - whilst I am not at home.  

After 15+ years with NTL/VM cable broadband I have spent this afternoon looking at alternative providers and changing all my online accounts from Virgin to a gmail id....



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Re: Less than 10% of advertised speed is acceptable to VM

There are several large conurbations where some or all of VM's network is suffering from the same issue.

To give a brief set of options..

    • You should have been issued an F number, which will allow you to claim a proportional credit on your monthly bill.
    • If that is not acceptable to you, if they have said its overutilisation you can ask to released from your contract without penalty.
    • You can raise a complaint through CISAS which will take longer than either claiming service credit or leaving without penalty, but will likely give you the option to change supplier at no cost to you. So if BT/Openreach want x quid to replace the old line to your premises, VM will foot the bill.

You should also note

  • These faults tend to be open for a long time.
  • Any date given to you is a review date NOT a fix date
  • There may be times you are told measures have been taken to improve the situation and your speed does not reach your advertised "Up to" speed.Further works will be required in that case.




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