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Just upgraded to vivid 200 lag and drops

Hi, last week I upgraded my service from 70mbs to the vivid 200 service and it doesn't seemed to have made any difference what so ever.  The main reason I upgraded is so my sons can play online (PS4), but the lag and the drop outs are just the same. I have the hub 3.0 in the front room, with a TP link repeater in the hall so all of the house gets a good to excellent signal. I have a ethernet cat5 cable from the repeater to the PS4 and when testing I get around 40mbs up and around 5mbs down, this should be ample enough but I feel cheated as it appears nothing has changed. I live in Portsmouth area 20, anyone aware of utilisation issues??  Or any help or pointers would be appreciated... 

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Re: Just upgraded to vivid 200 lag and drops

There's at least three separate faults in the PO4 area, each with a different reference number and review date.

There's a discussion here:

The fault that's affecting my broadband has been ongoing since October 2015. Type Portsmouth into the search box and list by date to see all the discussions on the Portsmouth area.

"Cable broadband is typically faster than copper-based services, but a significant minority of users experience severe slowdowns in peak times." — Ofcom, UK Home Broadband Performance, November 2016
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Re: Just upgraded to vivid 200 lag and drops

As another pointer, if it's for gaming you DO NOT NEED the top package. Gaming only uses 1-2Mbs of bandwidth outside of downloading updates and maps. You may as well downgrade and save money.

Another pointer, if it's again for gaming, ditch the repeater and let your kid have an Ethernet cable direct to the hub from the PS4, run it under carpets/across skirting etc. The repeater will be holding them back as it can only send the signal that it receives and will be cutting the speed in half just from their half duplex nature. It will also be adding ping and instability.
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