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Internet keeps droping out/ Going super low bit.

200meg, Superhub 3.

Since around 11pm last night my internet started going really slow. Unable to load any web pages, couldn't connect to any online game servers but i was still able to stay on my VOIP client and i could hear my friends speak no problem but they said i was lagging a fair bit. 

I tried the usual stuff, resetting the router and such nut i had no luck. I was connected but then again not really. I have an application that tells me my current upload and download speed but they were both between 1-5kbps.

Called up Virgin but the guy was completely useless. He apparently changed some channels? I thought that was for wireless even though i told him i was on wired, anyway doing this made me lose my connection completely. He asked me to wait for the solid white light to come on which never did. The hub went through a process of flashing green, solid green with flashing green internet light an then solid green with flashing red internet light.

From here the guy had no idea what to do, it felt like he only knew what to do if the base light went solid white, he asked me to connect to my router on my but it got stuck in a loading screen. He then decided a hard reset might fix the problem but again after that it was the same 3 light process and he wanted me to wait for the solid white light that was never gunna come on. So after 40 minutes he just booked me an appointment with an engineer. Which isnt for a couple of days and i don't fancy waiting that long.

So after about 20 minutes my base light did go white, but i had the same issue as before real slow internet, essentially no connection.

My internet seems to come back intermittently for about 2 minutes and then drop back out/go super slow. 

So i went to bed hoping it might fix itself, i woke up and it had not. Saying that this is now the longest I've been connected, maybe 10 mins now. 

Any ideas what is going on ? 

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Re: Internet keeps droping out/ Going super low bit.

Hi LochyMacleod, 


I am sorry to hear that your internet has been slow and intermittent, I apologise for any troubles incurred.


I have run some tests from here and I can see that there's a number of time outs inside the Hubs logs on each of your upstream channels. I would like to arrange for this to be investigated further by one of our engineers for you.


I will send you a PM (Purple envelope at the top) detailing what's required to proceed with making the booking, please respond to me there and I'll ensure this all gets booked and secured for you.


Take care, 



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