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Internet and TV down until 9pm tonight.. Will I be reimbursed?

Our TV and internet both cut out an hour ago. I get the message on my V6 box to call 150 on the phone. The phone service said there's an issue at my postcode, and an engineer is coming out to fix it by 9pm tonight. In the meantime, we're unable to use the TV or internet. I had to buy a £7.50 bolt-on and tether my phone so that I could get the last of my work emails sent before the end of business hours. Rather unhelpfully, the "service status" pages on the Virgin Media site are also down for "upgrades".

This is literally days after I got the speed and congestion issues on my line fixed by the support team, after they added an additional 8 channels to my downstream (up to 24). I also had an overnight outage last weekend.

What is the procedure to claim back for service outages? Surely there's some sort of minimum service requirement which isn't being met here.

EDIT: We're in NN15 (Area 31) by the way, in case anyone else is suffering the same issue in the area.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Internet and TV down until 9pm tonight.. Will I be reimbursed?

Hello Wizen,


Thanks for posting on the community.


I hope this has been resolved for you but if not I'll just need you to send me a private message with your address, post code and name on the account please.


You will be able to send me a private message by clicking on my name and selecting 'send me a message' on the right.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Forum Team

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