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Insufficient bandwidth amazon prime

Hi can someone help please everytime I try to use amazon prime it says insufficient bandwidth. Now i know my internet speed and everything is fine but for some reason still getting it?
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Re: Insufficient bandwidth amazon prime

that often means that amazon servers are having a bad day - all you can do is watch netflix for a while instead,  - and if netflix is good that proves that your device, your hub, your wifi... is all good.

no point calling amazon , they will blame your ISP, your app,.. anything but their servers....

 thankfully it is a rate event - for me anyway.

 if you are on one of their cheap  fire sticks or boxes then a reboot of the fire device might fix it, those things seem to need regular reboots to keep them workign well . but more often it is bad for an evening on all your amazon video enabled devices, proving its not a device issue

 you can also check the various is it down sites, e.g.