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I've had less than 4mbps consistently since moving house

As the title says been struggling with massive amounts of ping and low download speeds for around 8 months now. Moved house but remained in the same area and was aware that there has been high utilisation issues. That being said I decided to downgrade when i moved from 200 to 100mbps since i now live with less than half the people I used to and at my old house the internet was usually quite reliable.  Since i moved however there has been outage after outage (only just got my internet back on after 17 days down) and most days i have less than 4 Mbps. The area I'm in has had high utilisation issues which have met their date then been extended since October and the date just keeps on being extended, the current expected fix date being august. Why do I pay £30 or what ever it is a month for one service from virgin media that they clearly cant supply? Honestly dont know what to do at this point since if you ring up they will say its high utilisation say sorry and thats that.

I run my PC through a wired connection which is where i do all my speed tests from nut to be honest its not even possible to use the laptops for internet at this point. Currently set up with the new super hub as well. 

Small snippit of my speed tests recorded through speedtest.netSmall snippit of my speed tests recorded through

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Re: I've had less than 4mbps consistently since moving house

Hi aDiiiJ,


Welcome to the Community!


I'm really sorry for the trouble you've had with this.


Our technicians are working to upgrade the network in your area to accommodate the increased demand for services. It can take a little time for this kind of work to be completed.


I'm really sorry for the inconvenience, I understand how frustrating it can be.


Speak soon



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