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Hows About Some Traffic Management on Downstream Traffic?

Funny to see all these complaints about slow download speeds at peek times that customers have been experiencing for around two and a half years (Myself included.).

Really odd that that coincides with the time VM decided they would remove capping so they could make bold advertising claims that their network had no capping of D/S traffic, despite the fact the network is not capable of handling it!!!

When will VM wake up and realise they are losing customers hand over fist because their network isn't capable of handling peek time traffic without capping?

Sure you may have some grand plan to upgrade the network, and in a few areas there may be no issues. But this forum has hundreds of documented complaints about the same thing - Slow DL speeds at peek times. And these are just the customers who can be bothered to post, how many posts have been archived and are no longer visible on the forum? Just think how many complain by phone and how many just got fed up and went to another provider.

I'm sure some VM bean counter must be on this - I can only assume there must be a profit in lying to customers and mis-selling them a product you can't deliver?!

Is lying to customers really the business model VM have decided to go with?

Here's an idea - bring back traffic management for downstream traffic for 30MB and above connections until you have built a network that can handle the load!

I'm a heavy downloader - but I would rather be able to have more than one user at a time on my connection be able to surf social media at peek times and have to work around traffic management for large downloads, than have to deal with 10Mb/s D/L speeds and massive latency during peek hours..

Stop lying to your customers VM, show us some respect, be HONEST about your product and supply a service you can actually deliver.

For the record here's tonight's results on my 120Mb/s connection, taken at 1020pm from a machine hard wired to the router with no other load on the connection. A little better than the one I posted last night but expected at 10pm.. I get a whopping £10 per month credit for this dross.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 22.19.51.png


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Re: Hows About Some Traffic Management on Downstream Traffic?

I have to say I agree.

I was a little surprised when I read on the VM website that downloads are not capped anymore but uploads are. I thought this was great as it obviously meant you can use the connection you are paying for to its full capability.

But it's quite obvious what a huge mess this has caused, and if VM were able to throttle heavy users then it may make a small difference so the rest of us can atleast enjoy surfing the speed at whatever time of the day without feeling the performance drag.

That being said, I wonder how many new customers VM has taken on over the past year or so, it could just be the case that the area is just absolutely hammered with way too many customers and even a cap on downloads may make little difference unless the infrastructure is upgraded, which for the most of us seems lightyears away.

It took a year and five months for me to get my speeds back from over utilisation!
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