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How do I measure my speed?

I'm supposed to have 100Mb/s.

Using JD's utility, I have 2.58Mb/s down and 1.33Mb/s up. Using all the speed testers I can find, I get figures around 3Mb/s down and 4Mb/s up.

If I do my own test, it took 3 minutes to download 422Mb, which is 2.34Mb/s. So the JD utility looks pretty close.

My Wireless Connection Status shows variations from 39 to 65 to 72Mb/s,

2.34Mb/s is a very long way from 100Mb/s or 39-72Mb/s.

What is the problem?

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Re: How do I measure my speed?

Hi Hamrag,


Welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to hear you're experiencing speed issues.


I've located your account and I can see an issue with the network in your area affecting speeds at peak times - Ref.(F005074420). Our technicians are working to get this resolved and have set a review date of 17th May.


I'm really sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


All the best



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Re: How do I measure my speed?

There are a number of speed test websites out there, some giving a "speedo" type display, whereas others use files to download:

Some popular ones here:

There are others available too.  Speeds can (and do) vary depending on a number of factors (e.g. how many users are online, time, faults, network congestion etc).

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