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Horrific speeds to due "upgrades in the area". 2 weeks down, "3" more to go.

Getting to the point with VM now where I think I may just switch provider. I'm absolutely sick of the pretty much monthly "upgrades" in my area that do nothing but tank my download speed and increase my pings to unbearable levels, then being compensated with £10 off my bill when I'm paying £30+ for 100Mb download and instead often getting 5Mb or less. 

Every single VM support person, whether on the phone or online, is seemingly absolutely useless. Every single time I try to explain to them that the problem is on their end and not mine, they tell me the same old "I will boost the signals on your router" (aka just reset it) **bleep**. Up until around 6 weeks ago my internet had been absolutely awful for around 3 weeks until they finally fixed it, and now the issues are happening again but I've been told that it is going to take 5 weeks this time. The best part was when support told me that the internet issues didn't actually matter, because the speeds would be "fine" during the day. 

Now I'm no genius with various degrees in networking and business and just being total morons like the people who run Virgin seem to be, but surely instead of waiting for the service to become oversubscribed and then upgrading the lines, you'd upgrade them for more than the expected amount and then be able to support the amount of users? I understand that they may sometimes get more users than expected - but this exact same problem has been happening every few months for the over 5 years that I have been with Virgin while living at my current home. 

What kind of "upgrades" are they even doing that will take 5 weeks? The people on support (again) couldn't actually give me any information. Aside from rebuilding the entire cable system using bent spoons and duct tape, I don't see whats actually taking so long. A support person I spoke to told me that the upgrades take a while because they have to get permission from the local council, get building permission, etc. If so, WHY do negotiations between VM Corporate (I assume) and my local council affect my internet speed?

It honestly makes no sense to me.  If anyone can offer some explanation as to why this seems to happen so often, then please do. Not like I'm actually expecting this post to do much anyway since from what I can tell from the other posts on this forum, the issue will probably be fixed before anyone notable replies anyway.


 Some results from pinging and leaving it for a while.


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Re: Horrific speeds to due "upgrades in the area". 2 weeks down, "3" more to go.

Phone support often blame slow speeds on "upgrades" but what they mean to say is upgrades are needed to support the level of demand in your area.

As you have probably guessed, no one is actually digging up the streets each night and doing upgrades to the network.

The dates provided by the phone support staff are just so-called "review dates" and very often all that happens is a new date is provided. In my area we've had a peak time speed problem since January 2015. 22 months later absolutely nothing has been done and we just keep getting new dates every 2-3 months.

My advice: if BT/Sky/PlusNet/TalkTalk or any other service is available in your area, save yourself possibly years of frustration and switch now.



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Re: Horrific speeds to due "upgrades in the area". 2 weeks down, "3" more to go.

Afternoon ethanrw,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


My apologies that you are having issues with your broadband speeds and high pings.


Looking at your connection, there is a high peak time traffic fault in your area which is causing slow speeds. The reference number is F004794472 and with a review date of 7th December. These faults will have review dates as they can be subject to change due to the work that is required to improve bandwidth.




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