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HomeWorks+ advantage?

I recently signed up to the HomeWorks+ package to take advantaged of the faster download speeds.

This press release  indicates that the 300Mbps service is now available to all subscribers outside of HomeWorks+ package.

I'm curious what is the advantage of staying on HomeWorks+?

I've tried contacting Virgin CS, unfortunately they were completely unaware of  any changes and said that I should stay with HomeWorks+ as it provides "more security to the line.. " Smiley LOL


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Re: HomeWorks+ advantage?

Hi jon261,

Hmm the Homeworks package, aside from offering 300mb (which was exclusive to that package), is aimed at customers who may work from home. 

So it offers a few 'perks':

  • Next Day Priority Service
  • Gadget Rescue Healthcheck
  • F-Secure® SAFE 
  • 50% off with world domain experts – GoDaddy 
  • A visit from one of our technicians to make sure your WiFi network is optimised and working at its hardest.

I don't believe that the above would be included in a standard 300mb upgrade.

Smiley Happy


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