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Help needed with shocking fibre speed

I posted the following message on Virgin Facebook page and was directed to here for assistance and compensation, please can someone assist with this:

Dear Virgin Media,
I am writing out of complete desperation to try and rectify my shocking internet speeds over the last 4-5 weeks. My super fast fibre optic broadband is running at less than 2mbps all day every day due to a fault in my area that will not be resolved until January 2017.
I have been with Virgin media for 3 years + now in my previous property and this one and I have always enjoyed very good internet speeds until recently. When I called your helpline last week I endured 1.5 hours issues as every time my call connected to your call centre it cut off due to faults with your call centre phones. Eventually when I did get through to someone they pressed a few buttons and got my speed back up to just over 10mbps (still a far cry from the usual 50mbps+ but better than recent times)
I was told that not much could be done but they would credit my account for loss of service etc but could not confirm how much by. I have been credited next to nothing (£6.50) and I am still paying just under £27 this month for next to no internet. I am unable to use my sky on demand as the internet cannot download the programmes, I can't use Netflix or Amazon and I am stuck watching Lady Gaga making my ears bleed on xfactor as nothing else is on.
I tried to call again tonight and again 3 calls and each one cut off upon connection after 5-10 minutes holding.
Points in summary:
1) please restore some form of internet speed that is acceptable if not the full 50mbps I am used to and am paying for.
2) If I am going to have to suffer 2mbps (4% of the speed I am paying for/should be getting) I expect to only pay 4% of my £33p.m bill, please do not insult me with a £6 credit
3) please ensure your phone lines work so that I can actually contact you to resolve these issues.

Please could somebody get in contact ASAP to help me resolve this issue
Many thanks, Jack Wilby.
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Re: Help needed with shocking fibre speed

Hey Wilby666,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear about the slow speeds you're experiencing, I know it's frustrating.


I've just taken a look at your connection and I've noticed that we're currently working on a fault in your area. The fault ref is: F003488551 and it's due for review on the 25th Jan. This fault can cause slow peak time speeds (evening and weekends). While this is on-going I would advise using an Ethernet cable where possible and scheduling any downloads for after midnight.


Sincere apologies for this,

Thanks for your patience.


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