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Hanging on the telephone (36 mins) area 31

So decided to ring richard bransons customer services tonight after receiving a message telling me the review date for F004252261 had once again been moved forward nows its 5/4/2017 . But was told the review date means estimated repair date ??? Always thought review dates were for deciding on repair dates but there we go somehow i dont beleive what customer services have said . So basically i have slow speeds ( oversubscribed) and a pixilating tv image and tivo box that loves to reboot itself on its own but my landline is 100% even though i dont use it . Now for all this crap virgin give me a discount of ten pound a month however with all the increases over the last few months this i believe should have been linked and increased at the same time . It was obvious from tonights call that virgin werent bothered at the poor service provided and i was questioned as to what speed i would get from another provider its not the speed its the sustained speed something which virgin cannot supply and probably wont be able to for sometime in area 31 due to using ntl and blueyonders old equipment . So if anyone lives in area 31 which is quite widespread i would urge them to check local area complaints before buying a service that struggles to achieve what is sold as for me i am now going to try and bring this subject to light anyway i can to try and make people in area 31 aware that virgin has problems in this area that they are not over eager to repair. Also if anyone has good reviews on alternate suppliers then i would love to know i neec the complete package ,mobile contracts,tv ,phone ,and broadband .

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