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Getting 5-6 download speed on 200

Im not moaning at you here, but what difference should peak hours have to do with anything downloading ? They state that the higher broadband package users only the (upload) will be altered. I have been with virgin for a week, new install on the estate and i wish i didnt bother ! Peak times my speeds Drop from 100mb to 10-20mb, no known faults on their website. You phone them and you get filled with bull, there is a problem but its getting sorted. I was with Talk Talk fibre for 3/4 years internet never once went down, done numerous tests and everything was exceptional packet loss, speeds, spikes the lot. Virgin are whack! So inconsistent on everyone of those tests! Before anyone says why did i move then. I could only get 46mb on their large package.

All what you see on forums is problems with speed. I spoke to the guy who done the install and picked his brain about the cabs and how they control priority ect. Basically about 60 slots he said ,I imagine homes it can cater. I said what happens if you need to connect more? We keep splitting so dont worry always room for one more. I know its probably possible but where do they stop? No wonder things are always down and inconsistent speed, they are constantly messing with our connection to compensate others. To top things off when he drilled a hole on the inside wall of the house, i said hold up im not sure if the rad pipes run that way. He said ill aim a bit higher then. NO CABLE DETECTOR?

I have SKY Q and let me tell you.. 1 word .. professional! They are provided with suspension hammer drills, shoe protection, Pipe and wire detector list goes on. Virgin Guy came with a high visibility vest with a message saying refer a friend for £50... Desperate ? Dont get me wrong he was a nice guy and just doing his job, but clearly not helped by his company. Maybe 3rd party or not still representing a big company.


Not sure if any of you guys know the cooling off period but they are grinding on me already. Dont advertise something false, watchdog needs to look into this company. 

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Re: Getting 5-6 download speed on a 200.

Feels like you are moaning at me and hijacking another user's thread as well, so I have moved your post to a separate thread.  It is hard enough to help folk on here without distracting off topic posts.

The reason I always ask if users are seeing different speeds at peak and off peak times is to try and establish if it is a line fault, that would cause slow speeds all day, or a possible utilisation issue that only occurs at peak times.  No point looking for a line fault if speeds are only slow at peak times.
There should not be as dramatic a speed drop at peak times as you and others are experiencing and it is something that VM are addressing.  The speed at which they are addressing it in some areas however leaves a lot to be desired.
I would disagree that all the issues raised on this forum are problems with speed.  There are a wide range of issues discussed and often resolved every day on here. VM have around 4.87 million broadband customers and this forum only has 355,027 members and not all of them are reporting speed issues.  Even if they were it would still be a tiny fraction of the customer base.  Places like this will always lean more toward the negative because if everything is working OK there is no reason to visit or post.
Can't really comment on the employee who performed your install, but my experience of technician visits from VM has been very different from yours.  Only had three install visits and one phone line repair visit in the sixteen years I have had cable and always found the employees had the right equipment and did a good job.
Cooling off period should be on your contract, in the past it was 14 days but it may have changed.


Disclaimer - I don't work for Virgin Media. I'm just another VM user trying to help out so my answers may be wrong Smiley Happy If my answer solves your problem please mark it as helpful as it may help others
My setup: Vivid 200 Optical fibre with Superhub 2 in modem mode connected to a Netgear R7000 router. Telewest/VM user since 2001.  

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