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Fluctuating internet speed

I upgraded my broadband speed a while ago from 100mb to 200mb. Everything was running smoothly until around a month and a half ago. My connection started fluctuating from 220mb down to around 10mb (yes ten) and has continued to do so since.

I usually use my Windows desktop PC connect via wire to test the speed. I have also tried a second desktop running Linux with a different (gigabit) cable, swapped the cables around, tried different ports, tried modem mode and tried using an AC wireless device. All tests give the same seemingly random result regardless of whether or not they are the only device connected or not.

Since the problem started, I have had two different Hub 3s and have just switched to a SuperHub 2AC. I have also had three techs come out to run tests, and every test possible done when I call up. Nobody can find any faults anywhere, and nobody will get the networking team to investigate.

Are they any fixes for this? Or how do I get someone at Virgin to be useful for a change?

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Re: Fluctuating internet speed

Hey there Umbrashot,


Thanks for joining the community, welcome!

Sorry to hear about the problems with your connection, it does sound very frustrating.

I've taken a look at your connection and I don't see anything standing out in error. I wonder if you're able to set-up a TBB graph? You can find how to do this on this link. This will help us get a better understanding of exactly what is happening with your connection.

Hope to hear back from you soon,

Take care.



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