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Engineer Visit

It was arranged that a senior engineer come out to look at my poor speeds but when he turned up he was totally could not care attitude, he was obcessed by doing a wi-fi test when i dont even use wi-fi as i only use fixed ethernet, he then complained he did not even know why he was called out as he installes cable in roads not home issues, he then complained that his bonus would be affected as he did not do anything. He did not check any cables or my hub or even settings on my pc. anyway, i called the engineres and spoke to a manager at cardiff and they arranged for someone else to come out the following day and got a time and text messages to say they would come, i waited in all day and no one turned up, i phoned again at 7pm and was told the appointment was cancelled by virgin at 10am in morning but no one even told me i even got a text at 3.30pm saying they were still coming for the 4pm-7pm appt i am still having issues, today i did tests at 5pm, 1.15am and 3.44am and speeds hovering around 9mbps all speeds on my thread all this is not acceptable as getting worse and been ongoing since august Its come to a stage my case id now being dealt with by cardiff engineres and not the useless tech support
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