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Edinburgh 6mbps on Vivid 200

Over the last few weeks I've noticed really awful speeds on vivid 200. Ive tried everything, was on the phone to tech support a few days ago for 45 mins and thought it had been fixed but 5 mins later it was back to the slow speeds. 

Ive checked the upstream, downstream and SNR and all are at pretty optimal levels.

I've noticed that the speed is actually fluctuating quite wildly now minute I'm getting 2mbps then it'll shoot up to 30 then back down to six. Then very occasionally it'll get up to 170mbps but then by the end of the speed test it'll drop down to 30. It just seems really unstable. 

Also this is at all times of the day but seems to get slightly worse at peak times.

I'm in Edinburgh EH3 is there anyone around here with the same problems?

My one 12 month initial discount has just finished so may just jump ship if this keeps happening.


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Re: Edinburgh 6mbps on Vivid 200

Hello nellydotdot,

Thanks for posting, welcome to the Community Smiley Very Happy

Sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your connection at the moment. I've just taken a look and I can see that you're getting a lot of time-outs at the moment. Let's arrange for an engineer to call around, I'll send you the appointment info via PM (purple envelope, top right).

Take care.


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