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Download speed

Been with Virgin about 6 weeks and find this to be the worse broadband I've ever used.  Yesterday I opened up to a download speed of less than 5.  Person on phone said they'd improve that and try again in an hour.  Said I was going out but would try again when I returned, some 7 hours later.  speed was less than 3.

This morning couldn't even open up.  Person on 'phone got ti started.  Heady heights of nearly 5 (Ping 33, upload zero).

Every person I speak to has a different story.  Are their systems not linked?  Get the usual that they're aware of issues in my area.  They will be resolved any time from 2 weeks to end of November, depending who I spoke to.

Only went to Virgin as it was already in the house and the BT Openreach guy couldn't be bothered to take a cable from the road so I could keep Sky.

Almost at the point of thinking of moving house to get a decent provider.  Only been in this one six weeks and that's how much it's got me down.

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Re: Download speed

Hi NigelFarage,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


My apologies that you are experiencing slow broadband speeds. I know how frustrating this can be.


I've run some checks on your broadband connection, the line and the hub have come back as fine which is good. There are no faults reported and the traffic on the network is running low.


Were the speed tests you completed through a wired or wireless connection? If wireless can you try through a wired connection at different times of the day please to see if there is a difference?


Let me know how you get on


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