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Been with Virgin for about 18 months. When I originally took out the contract I requested absolutely everything they had to offer inc 200 Meg broadband. After installation I had about half the channels I expected and only 50 Meg broadband. Several attempts later over the following weeks they still only managed about 80% of what I asked for. They told me they would upgrade my broadband to 200 Meg but I would incur further costs which I accepted. I have been on the phone to Virginia today and cancelled my subscription. The guy on the phone made no attempt to keep me as a customer but did tell me that the router I had was incapable of 200 meg as it was to old and rubbish (his words). I can't help but think I've been ripped off for the last 18 months. I've been paying Virgin for 200 Meg although they knew full well I could only ever get a max of 150 Meg. Surely its illegal to charge for a service knowing you can't supply it.
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