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Different speeds!

Hey everyone.

My 1st post as I've only been a Virgineer since Saturday.
Bit of a strange one this. I've tested my speed on 3 different machines, which should be 100mbps, all with
Firstly my android phone on wifi = 3.5mbps. (Three point five).
Second my ipad on wifi = 105mbps.
Third through ethernet connection =70mbps.
Is it a Virgin broadband thing? A thing? Or a "who knows" thing?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Different speeds!

Hello Gal,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to read that you are getting different speed test results on your devices.


I've taken a look at your line, and everything is running fine. 


With the devices connected through wireless, were they both connected to the 2.4 GHz network? In regards to the Android phone, do you know the make/model? Was any apps running in the background at the time of the test?


The device you tested through an Ethernet connection, do you know the speed of the LAN card? Does it show 75 Mbps, 100 Mbps or gigabit?


Let me know how you get on


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