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DY4 area slow speeds in evenings

DY4 area, just rang virgin help line (after waiitng 5 days for a fix from my last phone call), agent tried to fob me off, after a while said there was maintenance in area until monday, then 1 month, would not tell me the area affected. Asked to raise a complaint, spoke to supervisor, who told me I will get slow speeds during maintenance window up to 12th march 2017!!!

Offered 25% discount on my bill......which would be great but I am only getting 10% of the speed I am paying for O_o

So that maths does not make any sense.

I have raised an official complaint, at which point I asked what will be done to resolve this issue, the response was "nothing", they will try to contact me within a week to discuss.......and I guess if I miss this "phone call" the complaint dissappears. And to discuss what, they have already told me nothings being done.

Supervisor also admitted that during night and weekends the speed would be back to normal.

So they knew what the isue was, but made me chase around before admiting it.

As we are all getting a constant slow speeds in evening this is not high utilisation, they have capped the speed, perhaps to prevent the high utilisation issue, which kinda makes sense.

This is the defintion of a capped service, that I was not informed about, and which virgin advertise they do not do. This is not the defintion of "maintenance in the area".

Not sure whetherr to just go to financial ombudsman or just cancel my service, I think I will cancel as I don't like paying for something that I am not getting and can't be bothered complaining for 3 months with no action.

Absoultely disgusting.

230kb/s during evenings, are you kidding me.

Broadband status page says normal broadband. Googbye Virgin you have left me no other choice.

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Re: DY4 area slow speeds in evenings

For anyone in DY* on Virgin Media - F003864632 - their review date is April 2017. Until then we're xxxxxx if we actually want to use broadband in the evenings... and the Mumbai call centre can only tell us to ring CS during UK office hours.

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Re: DY4 area slow speeds in evenings

 DY4 over utilization still not sorted? i left a year ago was looking to see if Virgin had sorted it out by now as there are some decent deals at the minute..

 The below ref was given to me when i complained on here over a year ago "F002343281"

i started getting bad speeds nearly 2 years ago now and after a year of waiting to have it resolved i went to BT 


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Re: DY4 area slow speeds in evenings

If VM are 100% at fault, utilisation (over subscribing) is their problem, then make a formal complaint with VM, after 8 weeks if its not resolved take it to CISAS, follow my simple guide to make it easier.

You can, if you provide enough evidence to CISAS you can get up to, if not more than 50% of your BB costs.

Hit them in their pocket not yours.

Also, TBH, the more that complain paints a picture to CISAS, and in turn OFCOM might get involved, it might be a small percentage, but its a big enough percentage to make heads turn.

Don't procrastinate, go and do it.

Good luck






All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy
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