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Crazy slow broadband after 4 pm I mean crazy.

I live in NG18 5GZ. I regularly get 200 Mb/s (wired to Superhub) during the morning, today it was 220 at 1pm.

Come 4 or 5 oclock and I get 8 Mb/s until 11.00pm or midnight. (My Upload speed is about 16 Mb/s so twice as fast as download!)Then it  gradually rises again.

I have called Virgin twice in the last 4 weeks, and each time been given a £12 credit on my bill. Three weeks ago they said it was due to upgrading that would be complete in a week. Yesterday they said it would improve on 3rd May 2017 (that's 2 months away).   I believe the connection is probably just way overloaded when the kids come in from school and folk go online after they get in from work. I live  a very short distance from the two  local Virgin server industrial units, on Hermitage Way Mansfield but that isn't a hive of activity as far as I can tell, often no vans outside.

200 down to 8!  Every day! I've done all the resets, checked router settings, etc etc many times.  I pay about £95 a month for TV (no sport or movies) and fast broadband.   Any suggestions from you Virgin experts?   Is this kind of drop becoming normal? Thank you.08031712.1pm.JPGmarch6th17.JPG

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Re: Crazy slow broadband after 4 pm I mean crazy.

I take it you are also in Area 30 Mansfield and surrounding area.

My results tonight.


Can't even stream HD Netflix/Amazon.


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