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Contention Issues, Again :(

After suffering for over a year with an overloaded network and contention issues, the issue was finally resolved last January.

It looks like the issues are now back for me as over the last few weeks my download speeds have been terrible.

Could one of the Admins here please check the HA7 area to see if there is either a fault or an outstanding fault ticket, really don't want to speak to CS and their magic bullet that they''ll send which will resolve all my issues including any migraines I may have Smiley Indifferent 


In HA7. Billing Area 21.
Utilisation Fault
F003502423: Review Dates -> 07/10/2015 -> 02/12/2015 -> 20/01/2016 Smiley Sad -> Closed Smiley Happy
Utilisation Fault F004873444: Review Dates -> 29/03/2017 Smiley Sad -> Closed Smiley Happy
Utilisation Fault F005506920: Review Dates -> 09/08/2017 Smiley Sad -> 08/06/2018 -> Open Smiley Sad

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Re: Contention Issues, Again :(

Have you used the Check Service Status (top right of this page) to see if there is a known issue affecting your area?



********* SuperHub 2ac - Asus rt-ac68u Router - Vivid 100Mbps **********

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Contention Issues, Again :(

Hello ILuvNips


I am sorry, your line and hub look good however we do have a problem with high peak time traffic on your segment again I am afraid. We are already aware of it ref F004873444 and would like to carry out some area work to alleviate the problem. The review date is currently showing 29 MAR 2017. Please accept our apologies, I will send you a forum private message to discuss further.

Thank you for your patience


Virgin Media Forum Team
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