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Constant VM problems

It seems we're all having them with VM but what are they doing about it?

Last week we couldn't access our emails, this weekend (at least) we have slow or no connection from our server. No internet access, no games, no email etc etc.

What exactly are we paying virgin media for each month?

Will we get a refund?

Will they ever rectify it?

Shall we just jump ship and  find a company that serves our needs?

Virgin promised to offer the best service and speed but are providing little in my opinion... and trying to contact them is a joke... what a service... it's a joke.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Constant VM problems

Evening Schnauzer,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


My apologies that you are experiencing issues with your broadband connection.


I've taken a look at your connection, the upstream power levels are locked onto one channel and running too high at 58 dBmV. As this can have an impact on your broadband, I would like to arrange for an engineer to check this for you. I've sent you a PM (purple envelope icon, right corner) requesting some details.


Hope to hear from you soon


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