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Comedic 0.5mb download speed in Middlesbrough

Resorting to posting on this forum in the hope that someone at Virgin Media can tell me why, mere moments after you installed a Tivo package in my neighbours house, did my broadband suddenly slow to a trickle?

As I type, I'm currently having to suffer a download speed of 0.5mbps, which is 25% of the upload speed I get - a whopping 2mbps. This is at peak times, it's barely any better through the day.

I've had to suffer your repeated outages when I lived in Leeds, a problem that got worse when I lived in Bradford and now that I live in Middlesbrough I have to suffer your quote unquote broadband doing its best to impersonate my old 56k modem from the late 90s.

I've rebooted my Superhub, I've reset my Superhub, no avail. I've been all over your lousy website (I'm a web dev BTW, I know what I'm talking about) and got caught in the ring-a-rosey you call the help section, tried the "diagnostic" tool (which told me you were doing something about the issue when you clearly weren't), tried to webchat except (unsurprisingly) all your operators are busy.

Can someone from the VM forum team please investigate and tell me what's going on?

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Re: Comedic 0.5mb download speed in Middlesbrough

Hey Djimmr,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear that you're experiencing very slow speeds, I understand this is frustrating.


I can see the problem, it's a fault in your area under ref: F004878729 which was raised on the 14th Nov and is due for review on the 14th Dec. While this fault is on-going you may continue to experience slow speeds, especially during peak time hours.


I do apologise for this, please let me know if you have any more questions.


Thanks for your patience,

Take care.


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