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I am a long time customer of Virgin (Telewest and Blueyonder before that) and am at my wits end with the poor service I have experienced lately - so much so that I am actually sounding out Sky - even though I'm not convinced they would be any better)

I don't know if YOU can help (or direct me to someone who can - not one of the team I usually speak to as they don't actually seem to be able to have a conversation outside of their scripted responses!), but I have been having regular drop outs on my wifi for several months and it seems to be getting worse, despite doing regular channel changes, etc and even being told there is "a technical issue that will be fixed in 24hours" (but never actually is! - at least never affects my quality of service!).

I had a new Superhub 2 a few weeks ago (which I was told would improve service) AND more recently a boost to 150mb (apparently) but am only getting a 80 - 90mb download speed at best - and lucky to get 10mb in the evenings when multiple neighbours are online.

We (3 - 4 of us) use Macs mainly and have an Airport to help boost the wifi signal around the house (which IS old and has thick walls - but even sitting next to the hub/router I can't get reliable service). I'm not particularly technically minded but can switch things around if there are any changes you can recommend...

I read on the forum that if the colour of the light on the ethernet cable connection is orange (which it is) I would only be able to get 100mb at best anyway (so why have Virgin boosted my connection to 150mb if the Superhub2 can't handle it?)

ANY help or advice would be appreciated because if I can't get these issues sorted I'm going to have to reluctantly give up and go elsewhere.





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