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Broadband speed.

Hi, my download speed is 71 in the room with the router but only 18 upstairs which is driving the kids mad. How do you boost the signal to increase speeds in the rest of the house. Thanks

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Re: Broadband speed.

Unfortunately that is the problem with wireless.  The further away you are from the router the lower your speeds are going to be.

Would it be practical to run an ethernet cable from your router upstairs ? - Alternatively power adapters maybe an option:



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Re: Broadband speed.

I assume we're talking wifi.

1stly grab a wifi scanner to see if you have any channel conflicts from your neighbours abd see what sort of signal levels you get around the house.

Do you have any baby monitors or other things that could cause interference ?

Is the hub situated near a wall or any large metal objects, moving it around and changing its orientation may help.

Is there any way you could run an ethernet cable from the hub to their room and either allow them to connect wired, or create a wifi access point there using another router.

Alternatively you could look into powerline adapters, or powerline wifi extender.

avoid wifi repeaters as they can make things worse.