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Broadband speed

When VM upgraded my speed to upto 70Mb everything seemed ok. I occasionally got around 70Mb and often around 50-60Mb. All good.

Since end of Jan 2016 I have never seen anything close to these figures. I usually get around 3-9Mb.. Not that close to the advertised 70Mb which I used to get.

What is going on? My upload speed hasn't really changed in all this time. 

I pay £85 a month for my VM services and to be quite honest I am now seriously considering switching to someone else who can give me a faster broadband speed. Even considering the dreaded Sky!!!

I also don't seem to be able to find any online way to log a problem and I get fed up with sitting on the phone for hours on end listening to atrocious music.

What is going in VM? Give me something close to the speeds you advertise!


Chris G

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Re: Broadband speed

It sounds like the dreaded overloaded network issue, few points to consider doing.

get a bqm graph setup over at thinkbroadband this will indicate times of the day that are most suffering

Post some specs from the modem then it can be ruled out as being the issue.

have a search on the forums to see if your postcode area has been mention before

last of all if it is and overloaded network fault (not really a fault VM squeezing as many people on to a segment knowing its fit for bursting)  dont believe a word on when it will be fixed if ever.. 


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Re: Broadband speed

Hi cejay_2k,


Welcome to the Community!


Really sorry to hear you're having speed issues.


I've run a diagnostic on your equipment and everything is looking great at this end. Signal levels are great and there are no network faults in your area. When you run a speed test are you connecting wired or wirelessly? Does the issue only affect certain devices?


Look forward to hearing from you! Smiley Very Happy



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