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Broadband, more like Snoreband - 5mbs on 150Mbs service (CH44 area)

Afternoon all,

On Sunday just gone we had a BB & TV outage in our area, service was restored at some point in the early hours of the morning - since then our BB speeds have dropped to about 5% of the advertised 150Mbs between the hours of 5pm & midnight.

Just rang the help desk again following another brief loss of BB and was told these issues are caused by an on-going utilisation issue in the area, ok when are these going to be resolved.... June 28th..... Sorry did you mean March.... No June 28th, but that's 3 months away, yes they have to lay new cables!

Is that right????? Firstly why am I and the 700 users in my area (Yes the kind chap told me that's how many people are utilising the service in my area) paying for a service I/we can't get for a 3rd of the day and secondly how can Virgin get away with taking 3 months to resolve a problem in an area without informing the people in that area.....Didn't see that advertised on your email 'Service Updates'.

Can you provide any information on the above please?



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Re: Broadband, more like Snoreband - 5mbs on 150Mbs service (CH44 area)

I think you'll find that June is a review date - not a fix date - these issues go on for years ... search round the forum to see.



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Re: Broadband, more like Snoreband - 5mbs on 150Mbs service (CH44 area)

Evening Julief1141,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'm sorry to read you are experiencing slow broadband speeds due to a fault in your area.


I've taken a look at the fault ticket (F004347370) and the review date is showing as 28th June as you mentioned. As this is a review date it can be subject to change due to the work that is required to improve bandwidth. This can involve implementation of additional upstream and/or downstream channels, hardware upgrades at the CMTS, re-siting of street cabinets, digging up of roads/paths etc.


If there is anything else we can check for you, by all means let us know.



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