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Re: Broadband Speeds Dropping During The Evening?

pete7049 wrote:

6th September is only a Review Date, NOT a Fix Date. Review dates are like busses, there'll be another one along in a while.

Love the analogy just look below at the 12 or so I have had in the past 2 years and 4 months of waiting for my over utilisation issues to be fixed. 


This is the poor quality of my Superhub 3 connection Smiley Sad
My Broadband Ping - Vivid 200 Gamer

Area 04 Rowley Regis B65 high utilisation fault ticket F004670584  SEE MY ONGOING THREAD HERE

Fault reported 09/2014 - Fault ticket raised 01/01/15 - Changed to 05/15 -  Changed to 12/08/15 - Changed to 14/10/15 - Changed to 04/11/15 - Changed to 15/04/16 - Changed to 06/07/16 - Changed to 31/09/16 - Changed to 30/11/16 - Changed to 15/02/17 - Changed to 12/07/17 - Changed to 20/09/17 - Changed to 14/06/17 - Changed to 10/01/18 < 3 YEARS SINCE FIRST TICKET

Upgraded to 24 downstream channels completed 25/04/17 - CMTS card upgrades completed 07/04/17 - Upgraded to 20 downstream channels completed 18/10/16 - Upgraded to 16 downstream channels 06/08/16 (From 8) - F004332353 High Utilisation closed on 01/08/16 -  - Fault reference F003508309 ticket was closed in ERROR!!!!!! -

Thanks to BT Fibre Broadband I can actually game without lag Smiley Very Happy
My Broadband Ping - BT FIBRE 80/20

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Re: Broadband Speeds Dropping During The Evening?

Nothing much else I can do. Fault has been reported to Virgin Media who are stating that there is a network fault. I have been given reduced billing until the fault has been rectified. Just hope Virgin Media don't rise their prices until it's sorted, if they do it's bye bye V Media..

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Re: Broadband Speeds Dropping During The Evening?

I have just checked my speed 20mb 16:15 in the afternoon and Im supposed to be on 150mb, I think anyone getting shocking speeds like this contracts should not apply and should be able to leave at any time to a better provider who can deliver what they advertise like BT or SKY.

I have been with Virgin for years and they did deliver but they are a shocking service now and with review date after review date and nothing getting done it is time to get out.

I have just seen an advert on the tele saying they deliver crazy fast broadband speeds ha ha ha ha ha ha Smiley Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Happy still laughing. 

Yeah they lie aswell 

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