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Broadband Speed EXTREMELY SLOW

During the last week I have been experiencing EXTREMELY SLOW speeds with my 'so called'  200Mbps Broadband connection.  This has been as slow as 7.5 Mbps, as checked on 11th January.  I have found, however, that different Speed Checkers will give out completely different figures. And this is even on a Cabled connection.

In fact my Download Speed at times has been SO SLOW that I cannot even connect to the Virgin Media site.  I have switched off the Router, and have also reset it several times.  I have checked the Service Status each day, and this at first showed that there was no Broadband problem. After a couple of days the Status showed a problem which would be fixed within the next 10 - 15 minutes. Of course, when I checked later, I was unable to reconnect to the site, due to the SLOW SPEED.  Now , tonight, the Status shows that a problem will not be fixed until 16.00 pm tomorrow.

This has also happen several timed in the past, and I find that this performance is unacceptable. As such, I paying the Top price for a Service that is not fit for purpose. And therefore consider that a refund of charges should be made.  Is it possible to view a screen which will show the Broadband Speeds that I have been receiving in a daily basis ?

I will be phoning 150 again, but in the meantime, surely Virgin Media should be constantly monitoring the Broadband Speeds that are actually being transmitted/transfered to each area.  It is extremely annoying to find that my  computer is so slow that, at times. I cannot look at emails, log onto various sites, or even complete an online transaction.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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