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Broadband Speed Drop since changing package

Perhaps it is merely coincidental, or perhaps it is deliberate. but i recently reduced my Package with VM from TV+Telephone + 70MB BB to a just a BB of 50MB.

Now i appreciate that the there will be a level of speed reduction, but nothing that would impact what i would normally use broadband for.. after all I had 50mb 12 months ago and it worked fine.. but since i got rid of TV and Phone the connection has been 'substandard'

Online gaming has become near impossible, Streaming TV services prone to caching, drops in quality and disconnects through loss of internet. fluctuating connectivity of mobile devices.

I've been running speed tests over a number of evenings(off peak/family not online/nothing updating or downloading) and have barely been getting 4mb down .I have checked the router for spurious connections. i have even (as much i hate to admit it) went down the IT support route of Switching it on and off again

I am now wallowing in worry and  paranoia, convinced I have somehow offended Richard Branson and from his throne made of unsold Tubular Bells CD's, he is punishing me with  awful internet speeds as  retribution for discontinuing  TV and telephone 

I'm curious if this has happened to anyone else?(mainly the broadband  question, but i would also be interested if anyone else thinks Richard Branson sits in throne room like Ming the Merciless, twiddling nobs and polishing his glowing ring)

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Re: Broadband Speed Drop since changing package

Odds are your effected by "High utilisation" the same as the rest of us on here and the timing of you noticing was a coincidence with when you changed/reduced services.

BTW Richard branson does not own or have any say in the workings of Virgin media... In actual fact it is quite the opposite, Virgin media is still Telepest/NTL broadband it always was and NTL/Telepest bought Virgin mobile from Branson and then paid him an obscene amount of money for the use of his Virgin branding to bring all 4 services together under 1 name....

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Re: Broadband Speed Drop since changing package

Hi there AndyT76,


Thanks for posting and a big welcome to the forum Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your connection. I've just taken a look and I can see that your power levels could do with being adjusted.


I'll drop you a private message - purple envelope, top right. So we can confirm the best time for you to have an engineer around.


Speak with you very soon,

Take care.


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