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Bad internet and can't really do anything about it...

I've just moved into a new flat that's having all of its bills taken care of by the landlord. Obviously he's paying a lot for the internet, because on the first night I tried downloading a game on my laptop to test the speed, and it was downloading at 13.5MB/s, which is the fastest speed I've ever had. But after about midnight it started cutting out, and I restarted the router multiple times but it only fixes it for about half an hour, before it cuts out again.

Since then I've had some other issues with a dishwasher and washing machine that the landlords not responding to me about, and I've tried calling him a number of times to no avail. He's just not around, which tells me he's not going to rectify issues with the internet as the main account holder.

I wonder if anyone can suggest something I do to get the internet looked at? Looked at the service status and it said there were no issues with broadband in my area.



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Re: Bad internet and can't really do anything about it...

How about asking your landlord if you can install your own preferred broadband provider?

That way he doesn't have to bother with disconnecting the existing service and you can find a more reliable provider than VM.

Otherwise, between your landlord's lack of interest and VM's glacial to non-existent customer service, you'll never get the problem resolved.

"Cable broadband is typically faster than copper-based services, but a significant minority of users experience severe slowdowns in peak times." — Ofcom, UK Home Broadband Performance, November 2016
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