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BL2 wow 15 months of poor speeds.

Made a mistake coming back, YEP poor speeds still after 15 months of waiting and still nothing,150meg snail like speeds lucky to get 10/20meg weekdays in evening, and weekends wow 5 meg and now of writing 1meg nope not a JOKE. Why do VM take on new customer's when you cant provide the service to the ones you already have? Been told so many times now that fix is coming, yeh right at this rate I will be drawing my pension first (in 20 years time by the way) BL2 area 20 needs some love,i have to friends who are  on 200 and the other like me 150, only 5 miles away and they get full speed what ever time they do a speed test day or night. Been told fix is now feb 22nd if no better going back to BT 50meg at peak is far better than I get now, did 18 months with BT before I came back thinking all should be sorted sadly not.      

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