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BD2 - Speeds were back to advertised after power cut .... but now back to rubbish. VM gear is at fault.

Well..... a couple of weeks ago, we had a power cut in the local area, and it took out all of the house power, traffic lights and I assume power to the VM green street boxes. When the power came back on, magically I was getting the full advertised speeds (around 150mb) even at peak times in the evening. Fantastic I thought. Maybe it was just a coincidence that my speeds were awesome after the power cut and Virgin had actually done some work on their network for over utilisation prior to the power cut, as I hadn't checked my speeds for a couple of weeks before.

So fast forward 2 weeks, where the speeds have been great during the day / evening / night and constantly hitting 130-150mb which is what I used to get before all of this rubbish with over utilisation, all of a sudden tonight we're back to the AWFUL download speeds of 1-3mb. It would seem my hope in Virgin actually doing something about this problem has been dashed. 

I would HOPE that one of the VM forum team could possibly use this as a clue as to why the speeds are so rubbish in the BD2 area. It would seem the power cut had maybe restarted their equipment, maybe flushed some cache or something, and it has taken a couple of weeks for the issue to appear again.

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Re: BD2 - Speeds were back to advertised after power cut .... but now back to rubbish. VM gear is at faul

The speeds are rubbish in BD2 because its affected by an overutilisation fault.

What COULD have happened is extra capacity was put in play, but it was subsequently soaked up- happens with these sorts of faults. I reckon the powercut is a red herring- Although there COULD be a correlation due to there being less users online immediately after the power cut.

Unfortunately , the proverbial "switch it off and on again" isn't a cure for overutilisation.

Not what you want to hear I'm sure, but unfortunately that's the state of play.



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