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Awful Internet Speeds


We have been with VM for quite a while now, mainly because of them being the first fibre optic ISP around our area. We used to experience brilliant speed of up to 70mb/s and lows of around 40mb/s during peak times. We're on the 100/120mb/s broadband deal just for clarification.

For the last year however our highest speed is around 8mb/s out of peak hours and it's as low as a constant 55kb/s during them.

We've had numerous chats over the years to customer service agents who have checked the problem, which they confirm is a utilisation problem in the area. My first recorded call about this problem was February last year IIRC. They gave a date of June for the problem to be resolved, to which of course it didn't and had a new date given of November. Then you've guessed it, had a date of February this year and finally another apology letter with a date of 29th March 2017.

It's now April and the same old problem persists, where do I stand with this as I know I'm not the only customer with this problem, on the net and family/friends. The whole point of being with VM is their 'incredibly fast' internet speeds but when in truth a lot of us receive anything but that.

People are with other companies including EE and get much higher speeds than I do, its outrageous and it's about time something is done.

Just to point out that these speeds are through a wired connection aswell as wireless before the generic, 'wireless speeds can be affected by walls etc'. The device is also right next to the router when in wifi mode.

Thanks Chris
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Re: Awful Internet Speeds

Im not really sure what you are asking but Ill do my best to frame a "where do you stand" as that is mentioned...

If your network node is suffering from overutilisation, you will be given a fault reference and a review date. The fault reference will allow you to claim a service credit off your bill (its not a fortune but its something). Review dates will come and go. There are people on here with faults over 2 years old and still unresolved.

It MAY get better soon, it may not. I depends on how severe the overutilisation is, what remedial measures VM put in place and if civil works are required, how long they take to get planned, kit purchased and installed.

In the meantime, you are free to leave without penalty, whether you have a current minimum contract term or not. Small comfort I know, but likely your best course of action. You are obviously free to rejoin once the fault is fixed. DO not rely on sales to tell you if its fixed or not, rely on friends and neighbours having decent speed tests as a good signal the issue is fixed. If and when you rejoin, you have a 14 day grace period to cancel should you find teh speeds are not acceptable to you.

Sorry if that all sounds a bit negative, but you deserve a more detailed response than staff are at liberty to give you. Hope it helps.



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Re: Awful Internet Speeds

Really sorry to hear about the connection fault experienced Cutzzz,


I'd like to help with this but I'm unable to locate your account details at the moment.


To allow me to do so, could you respond via private message with the following information:


  • Name of the account holder
  • Home address


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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