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Area 20, more snail like speed woes

My service regularly slows to 3 or 4 Mbps when I pay for the 70 Mbps service. I have contacted VM countless times to complain and find out whats going on and have been told last night  that basically they can't keep up with the demand in my area. They have been working on the line since April last year and was told the work will be finished on Dec 21 2016. That date has passed and again last night i had to phone them due to such a bad service. Its a joke but i'm not laughing. I will  now be talking to the appropriate ombudsman to complain about a service not fit for purpose and will be pushing for substantial compensation. I mostly have good speed close to what i should get during the day but in the evening (when its actually needed) it always drops to a maximum of half what i pay for and quite frequently far below that. Typically between 10 and 20 Mbps most nights dropping as low as 3Mbps as was the case last night. I will be cancelling my contract early with VM in the very near future for providing a service thats not fit for purpose if they cant resolve this. What i find the most appalling is that VM know about these issues but have the cheek to take full payment from their customers. They should be offering us a reduced payment while these problems exist without having to constantly contact them (often being placed on hold for ages) to get some form of compensation that does not come close to covering the level of disruption to the service.

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Re: Area 20, more snail like speed woes

Hey mojouk1,


Thanks for getting in touch Smiley Happy


Really sorry to hear that you're experiencing slow speeds, I know this is frustrating.


I've checked your connection and I can see that fault: F003632511 is currently on-going and is being reviewed on the 1st Feb.


I know you've heard this before, please accept my apologies.


Please bump this post on or after the 1st for an update.


Thanks again for posting,

Take care.


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