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Area 18 Slow Broadband

After 10 years with Virgin I have decided to move back to BT. I don't want to but I feel I have no choice. Last night I measure my download speed at 2mb/s!!! I am paying for 70mb/s. I called Virgin about this (again) and was told the same thing too many users at peak time (4pm to 11pm) and their infrastructure can not cope so they are throttling everyone back.

In order to resolve this they will need to replace some hardware / fiber cables. They can not say when it will be done just that it will be revised in May. In the meantime they will happily keep taking my money, but will offer a discount of £6! Which is almost an insult! They told me that its fine outside peak hours therefore its not that badly affected! I dont use it outside peak hours as like most people I'm not there!

So no date to get it fixed, no meaningful discount - this really is shocking. Up until now I would have stayed loyal to Virgin as their service and support has been everything I could have wanted! But this is a joke!

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Re: Area 18 Slow Broadband

Hi microkid,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community.


I'm sorry to read that you are leaving us. This is something that we don't like to hear, however I can understand the situation.


If there is anything that I can do to help by all means get back in touch.


Take care


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