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Area 03 - Wind-up speed. Literally.

Hey Virgin Broadband folk,

This is a screenshot that documents the welfare of my internet. The last time I saw the speeds paid for was on the 31st October.

This post is courtesy of a mobile hotspot as for the last two days you have managed to better your excellent service, and have removed the internet from me entirely. Just in time for the weekend, what more could you want!

On a more serious note; **bleep**.


Mr I'mcancellingmydirectdebit.

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Re: Area 03 - Wind-up speed. Literally.

Rather than cancelling your direct debit and effecting your credit score, ring up, ask to speak to cancellations (might be best Monday during business hours, although can try tomorrow) and say you are cancelling due to the recent price rise (although I'm not sure if the window is gone now) and you can leave penalty free.

If its out the window you can fight your case with them to get out penaltry free anyway as they are not providing you the service. Plenty of people have got out of the early disconnection fee that way.
All posts made are personal opinions as I do not work for VirginMedia.
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Re: Area 03 - Wind-up speed. Literally.

Afternoon outernet,


Thanks for taking the time to post on the community.


My apologies that you are having issues with your broadband connection.


From checking your account, the broadband is showing as online, however I was unable to check any data on your line for any issues that maybe impacting your connection. If you can post this information from the router that would be helpful. To do this type in in the address bar, no need to sign in and in the middle click on Check router status. Within here you will have downstream, upstream and network log. You can copy and paste this information, that would be great. Otherwise the network is running stable and healthy.


Hope to hear from you soon


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