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Another email stating speed upgrade

This one is different to last weeks, Big email in bright red . I`ve done speed test and checked my online account and can clarify this is not what the email is stating. So someone at VM explain why another email .

Welcome to VIVID – your on our next generation optical fibre.

You already had the fastest widely available broadband (up to twice as fast as BT Infinity and Sky Fibre up to 76Mbps). But your broadband just got even faster – we’ve now increased your speed from a nippy up to 100Mb to up to 150Mb.

In the past year, our customers have been doing more with their connection (around 50% more, in fact). So with your new speed, you've got extra power to stream, share, play and whatever else you love.

And it’s not just fast – it’s a service you can rely on. Ofcom research shows that, overall, we're more reliable than Sky and BT, which means you’re more likely to get our advertised headline speeds.

Our research tells the same story. Unlike other major providers, we own our network, which means we can measure your connection from one end to the other. This is how we know our network has 99.9% reliability right the way to your Hub, so you'll be online more of the time. It’s all thanks to DOCSIS 3 technology, the magic in our cables.

Of course, now you’re sorted, you don’t have to take our word for it. When you get a moment, try a speed test to see how your connection stacks up against our average speeds and leaves the competition trailing. Just remember that not every phone and tablet supports VIVID speeds, so it’s best to do the test on a PC or laptop or you may get a slower result. And if you want a really good idea of how VIVID ......

etc etc blah blah blah yeah and it goes on  with pictures saying ask the Pye family.

 I want a forum leader from VM to look into this properly this time.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Another email stating speed upgrade

Hi Bingley, 


Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you've received another email regarding the speed upgrade. 


The only thing I can think of is that the area has received it's new boost and you may have been upgraded previously? This could have generated another email and included all customers as opposed to those who have just been upgraded. 

We can only apologise regarding this. 


If you get any further emails, pop back and let us know. 



Forum Team

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