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Absoutely shocking service and infrastructure

I very rarely write reviews, but my experiences with Virgin Media has been unbelievably shocking for the second time, My starting advice is to stay well clear of Virgin Media for residential connections and especially their business connections.

Firslty Virgin Media over contend their connections, which means that at peak hours your latency increases massively to the point where opening the google homepage takes minutes. Basically browsing the internet becomes impossible. It was so bad that they released me from my contract 8 years ago after admitting to over contension. I then then went over to BT FTTC. What a difference on all levels!! I used them for 6 years with no contension or infrastruture isses.
But recently I moved house and as the new house was a little far from the exchange and also didnt want a home phone, as we use IP phones, i decided to give Virgin Media another go. This time with their business connection. What a mistake!!

As I'm a self employed IT person, I needed to share screens with my clients, use VPNs and file uploading between other offices and users. I went with business because I "assumed" these connections would be built for business users. I specifically requested a fixed IP address for remote access and to make all of the above stable. As I've been doing for years with BT FTTC with no issues or limitations

So connection day arrived at my new house, and as you do, I did a speed test, to find that their Up/Down ratio is at a shocking 10/1. Which means my 50 meg connection only came with a 5 meg upload speed. I have actually never gotten above 3.5 megs. All BT connections, and all other ISPs world wide offer a 10/5 ratio. So if you have a 50 meg connection, you get a 25 meg upload speed.

This obviously warranted a phone call to Virgin Media business and was basically told it was my fault for not reading the T&C's and basically to stick it.

Please also note that they DON'T offer a 7 - 14 day cooling off period. Once you are installed, thats it, youre done no matter the issue afterwards. You're trapped!

So I decided that what I will do, was to sign up to one of their faster connections which will naturally increase my upload speeds. Luckily I hadnt completed this process before dicovering the next problem.

Virgin Media business connections DO NOT SUPPORT THE USE OF ANY VPN'S. The minute you use one, your speed drops to nothing, basically rendering your connection as useless.

Again, another call to Virgin Media customer support where I spoke to two managers, names will come later, who basically told me that though its NOT in the contract, the business connections don't support VPN's. So connecting to office machines, or simply wanting to keep your browsing private is not possible. Nowhere in any of their T&C's does it state this. You basically find out when its too late.

Again, I was told to stick it.

They didn't care how many people I talk to about how bad their service is, or how unhappy I was, as long as they have your money.

No solutions were offered and basically told they wont be releasing me from my contract. The words they used were all the same so I suspect they have been rehearsed and told what to tell angry users with these exact issues. I have also seen that Youtube and their own forums are littered with angry customers like me.

So I guess its now time to take this to every forum, internet media outlet, youtube and whatever else I can find.

As I'm an IT person dealing with hundreds of businesses, its now my personal mission to spread the news as fast and as far as possible.

Virgin media, you can stop this now if you choose. Its up to you! Or not, I dont care.

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Re: Absoutely shocking service and infrastructure

If you habe exhausted all avenues with VM then the next route would be to follow their own rules of engagement with their Complaints procedure, look at the bottom of the screen, click contact then other, then code of practise, their procedure is there.

Good luck


All the information I provide is available on Google Search, I just make it simple for you Smiley Happy
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Re: Absoutely shocking service and infrastructure

write to their ceo office first before u click that link.

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Re: Absoutely shocking service and infrastructure

Short answer: nothing will change that's the terms and conditions and the service. So do what you are going to do.

Regarding upload speed, VM (DOCSIS) use a different infrastructure than BT (DSL). Docsis was built for TV where upload was not considered important or needed, this means these days there is very little room on the spectrum for upload. There is light in the tunnel with DOCSIS 3.1 which significantly makes changes to the speeds the network will be able to handle both down and up.

With VPNs, it's again something in the T&Cs for traffic shaping. To avoid people using VPN for P2P traffic which is traffic managed I believed, they just bung it all in.
All posts made are personal opinions as I do not work for VirginMedia.
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