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AL2 90% speed loss, really?

I've seen a lot of posts about speed loss but I haven't seen many responses that solved the problem. I like others have consistent underperforming broadband and whilst I don't expect to achieve the 100Mbps speeds my tier promises it would be nice to achieve more than the 9Mbps I'm currently getting.

Is it even worth moving to the 200Mbps tier to hopefully get respectable speeds so that items such as game updates don't take 4+ hours?

Can VM actually provide what we're all paying them for?

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Re: AL2 90% speed loss, really?

Hey Simon_clark_lc,


Thanks for posting and a warm welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy


Sorry to hear that you're getting slow speeds, I know it's disappointing.


I've checked your connection and I can see that area fault: F004240231 is responsible for your problems. This fault will be reviewed on the 7th Dec. While this is on-going you might find your speeds are reduced, especially during peak time hours.


I do apologise for this, if you have any other questions, let me know.


Take care and have a great weekend.


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