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8-10 mb evening downloads on a 70mb connection, 28-32 most other times.

NN4. Long term customer.

Upgraded free from 30>50, all ob (I was getting around 32mb most of the time and rarely ever hit 50 but it was just about enough to do what I wanted, (Youtube, gaming, Browsing). It was the same results I was already getting on the 30mb plan. Upgraded again free to 70mb and had nothing but issues, rarely any speed gains still yet it's often worse and now disconnects completely for random period s of time for random lengths of time.

- since joining on 30mb (standalone broadband product) original my router had no wireless output. It fails to broadcast the SSID 95% of hte time and when it does actively refuses the connection. Called up, they dialled in confirmed it was broken (Im in IT so I'd tested it fully) , got another one (I'd another router in upstairs getting 4 bars of signal as opposed to the 1bar on your router that I was sitting 1m away from). That took a week of calls and mailing to receive and resolve. That's router is just as bad and inconsistent so i've turned wifi off completely. Gave up with the 2.0 as a main router and ethernet cabled upstairs and use my own router so at least I can get wifi. (I also tried ethernet plugs at my own expense but the loss of bandwidth was not workable due to the age of the wiring in my house). Upgraded free to 50mb saw improvements (no router upgrade as deemed not required) but those speeds gradually degraded back to 32mb over time so I saw little to no benefit.
-upgraded to 70mb. Its been a nightmare since then.
- peak speeds are dreadful. I'm a sole user and often can't watch Youtube 1080p videos without it buffering all the time. 480p blown up on a 4k screen looks and sounds terrible. On the rare occasion i want to watch iplayer that often flatout refuses.I've given up even trying in the evenings.
- There's nothing wrong with my network other than the router (Superhub 2.0). I have to unplug it and plug it back in every three days for the line to stay relatively stable. I've been doing this for months. 
- Since Sunday i've been kicked off for varying periods of time with no connection at all, which has just resulted me just getting booted again and now it's come back on of it's own accord I have a three hour ban for "leaving" in competitive Overwatch. Each time this happens the ban increases to the point where I won't be able to play again this season and it's been live a week with nearly three months to go.
- I get full 5mbs up all the time so I'm clealry being throttled, else upload would also be the same nad it would remain constantly low. Download only affected and sporadically changes mostly at peak time from 4-midnight but outside of that on average I get 32-36 (again) which is not what I pay for. I've seen 70mb a handful of times. (NB. there is an issue in my area right now being fixed as per the website maintenance page) but that doesn't explain why you're throttling me to 8-10mb every evening) - "high utilisation" I'm guessing from the umpteen other posts on here but if I wanted 8-10mb I'd have stayed on a landline with Plusnet.
- I've been running speedtests (Oopla) at varying times and days and it's all over the place.

 Screenshots available but don't seem to be able to add any to this post:

Friday 24/2/17 > 19:00:  Ping 12ms | Download 9.39mbps | Upload 4.84mbps
Friday 3/3/17 > 23:00:  Ping 11ms | Download 13.11mbps | Upload 4.85mbps
Saturday 4/3/17 > 14:25:  Ping 11ms | Download 46.74mbps | Upload 4.88mbps
Tues 7/3/17 > 11:30:  total disconnect, router rest did nothing, no signal coming into the property
Tues 7/3/17 > noon: after self-reconnect with no input from me. Ping 9ms | Download 71.11mbps | Upload 4.87mbps
Weds 8/3/17:  14:10 total disconnect, reconnected itself @14:25 (likely the maintenance issue.

In addition to speeds being all over the place at all times (I've not saved every test I've done as evening as the same 8/12mb), daytime weekends are also massively cut and speeds vary by huge amounts (10-15mb sometimes) even if you run several tests immediately on completion. back to back, now I'm suffering total outages on an almost daily basis at random times of the day..

And prices seem to go up by £2 every six months for no reason yet the service is getting worse along with it. Difficult to justify in my eyes.

Please advise.

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